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I am constantly seeking approval from every person in my life.  My parents. daughter, boyfriend, co-workers…. nobody is spared.  It’s exhausting!

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What if Sylvia Plath had a Facebook account?

Would she have posted her every thought online?  Would she have sat for hours on end reading her friends daily musings and goings on?  Would she have spent hours clicking “like” on boring everyday events?

What if Sylvia had posted her deepest thoughts as a status update? Would someone have been able to reach her through her darkest hour? Would her mind have made others delete her? Preach of Gods Love to her?

Would a few  of her friends “like” her quotes, never realizing how lethal they really are.  Would her status change from “married” to “it’s complicated” have been enough to flag her friends and family that she was going through something painful?

If Sylvia Plath had had a Facebook account, would she have told of her fear of being without him? Would she have posted her poetry for all to read instantly….. or just stay up all night chatting to friends around the world?

Would she have spent mindless hours playing Farmville or Farkle and never accomplished the notoriety of the famous poet she was?

Would Sylvia have spent hours upon hours online stalking her husbands lovers? His students? His friends?  Would her fears have been confirmed? Laid to rest? Hightened?

Would her children have been neglected as she sat numbly “Googling” for hours trying to find something, ANYTHING that would make her feel creative, alive, awake?

If Sylvia Plath had had a Facebook account would she have even been an author? Or would she just be another one of the everyday, ordinary, nameless, millions that just post a generic status update just to make sure somebody… Anybody, knows she still exists.

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