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Perhaps my purging of horrible stories is my way of cleansing

Perhaps I’m not really such a bad girl… just a hurt girl, a damaged girl, an in pain girl.

Perhaps I need to feel this pain in order to grow… to learn.

Perhaps I am to the point my growth can no longer be contained and this is why it hurts so very bad?

Perhaps it was the very love, the unconditional, healthy love I’ve always needed… the love I’ve been longing for my whole life.. that really scared me so much?

Perhaps… I don’t feel worthy.

Perhaps my ugly tales tonight… were me pushing him again… to see if he reacts, recoils, sees me for the ugly person I feel I am right now…

Perhaps, he still loves me…. perhaps he always will.

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Please don’t give up on me

I’ve been cooled from this terrible fire

Calmed by the love you wash over me

Fresh from the waterfall within you

I’ll stay the path baby

My promise to you is this

I’ve tasted the fear of losing you

And I never want to swallow that pill

Please don’t give up on me baby

I know I can be too much

I know you hate the demons inside my head

But your love holds me closer to earth

Please don’t give up on me.

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