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(written 11-2-2010)


I guess the saying “opposites attract” holds true for me. I’m passionate, he’s apathetic. I’m full of expressive, expansive doses of laughter, he waits for something genuinely funny. I babble on to anyone around me, he speaks only to those he has something to say to. I get nervous, and distorted,and overly emotional when I feel something is out of my reach, he’ll unabashedly go after everything he wants, keeping a level head. I want everything, he wants only a selective bit. I’ve never learned how to let go, he was never taught how to hold on. I anchor myself onto everyone I have ever connected with, he depends solely upon himself. I’m a chaotic jumble of half-witted ideas, and unnecessary gibberish, he’s stable inside. I’m spastic, he is calm. I’ll get distracted at the drop of a whistle, he’ll follow things through until the bitter end. I am never caught without a smile, he’s never caught with an unnecessary one. I’m crazily in love with him, while he doesn’t give a crap about me.

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These are not my words, but those of someone very wise.  Someone that has lived and had time to ponder for centuries… I do not wish to divulge my source, for some of you may not agree… but I do want to paste it here so I may refer to it in the future, I feel I will need these words committed to memory for many years, and tragedies, to come.   Have a Blessed Day my sweet friends!


interviewer   one final question, what would you like to tell humanity through at least the readers of this website? What could you say that might not have been heard? Not a general statement, something specific that also applies around the globe?

answer   This is a large question, so allow me a moment to consider.

None of you know with precision what happens on Earth as your essence shifts higher and closer to your home, where is your permanent place. Do not focus on events; I do not mean to say these should not be thought of; they should. Think also and rather of your reaction; response. Think what will you do and what will you feel; unhappy solves what? Screaming fixes which problem? Some of you might do these things or have done them, personal events or global disasters cause effect. Death in a family does not stop your life. Your rise to higher dimensions offers that changes you can look beyond; be unhappy for a human moment. Then look beyond because soon all of you will see far past today’s horizons, this is why you have come. Look briefly at your origins, look down at where you are. Then look up. Do you see what beckons you? Keep looking, you shall see it. Smile and then go. We wait for you with open arms.


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This was said, mid-coitus, when I mentioned the word “monogamous”.

It all started because he saw a bruise on my left breast (from an incident at work) and asked if it was a hicky… he was joking of course, but I said “no! You know we are monogamous Friends with benefits” to which he replied with a laugh… “I never agreed to that!”

(stunned silence)

Ummmmm…. how do you react to that? Its been 8 months of bliss!  One little son being taken in by this man, as his own! Lots of talk of the “future”.   So I did what I always do, I laughed it off and said… “Ok… then YOU are the only one I want, I am the monogamous half of this duo”.  “well, You’re all I have time for anyways!” he says  and we carry on with our activities.

This was just a stab at keeping his distance, wasn’t it?  This was his attempt at keeping me from running his life.  He really is happy with me. I know this is true by the many, many things he does for me and the kids when we least expect them.  By his taking time out of his World of Warcraft (lol) schedule to spend the evening with me. (I always feel funny saying that!)  I know he probably even loves me, in the only ways he can.  I think he is right, I do worry too much.  I have got to stop!  But with the past the way it happened, and knowing he left me for another girl in the past… well, its really hard not to worry!

on a different note:

This book, “The Irresistable Henry House”, has opened my eyes to a whole new reasoning as to why the Cable Guy is the way he is!  He never attached to a female! I am the only woman EVER in his life, who has loved and accepted him for who he is, and not tried to change him!  A little daunting and over whelming when you really sit down and think about it!  but defiantly an eye opener as to how to handle the wonderful man! Makes me really, really hate his mother though. Good thing she’s already passed! Poor little boy! He deserved so much better!

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