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Mean Girls

Remember the girls in Jr. High that sat in the back of the bus on the way to various school events.  Remember how they sat in a clump back there, doing each others nails and make-up…. singing the words to every hair band ballad, and making fun of you or your friends because….. well basically, because you weren’t one of THEM?  Well, I have discovered what has become of those mean girls..  they work as nurses in Labor and Delivery.

They are mean, hateful, wenches that still sit in a clump, but usually at the front desk.  Texting, singing country music ballads and making fun of me because, basically because I am not a nurse… and I am still too new to the floor for them to bother being nice to.

They talk in high little baby voices.  Bitch and moan about having to work.  Make fun of their patients. Make fun of each other.  Talk mean to each other….. then laugh hysterically. Its crazy how immature these middle aged women can be!

Tonight I had just about enough and had to get away for a moment, I was walking away from the desk and heard the oldest of the bunch (a mean-spirited, 50 year-old tomboy that everyone plays up to because they are scared of her) say, “she is so weird! Did you know she is a blogger? Weird!” LOL  I was thrown right back into Jr. High where I was made fun of for doing Ballet instead of the popular girls choice of Basketball and volleyball….  Yep, they never change… except to just get meaner and wayyyy better at it. 😦


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