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According to Wikipedia:  A buoy is a floating device that can have many purposes. It can be anchored (stationary) or allowed to drift with the sea wave.
A Lifebuoy is used as a life saving buoy designed to be thrown to a person in the water to provide buoyancy, usually has a connecting line allowing the casualty to be pulled to the rescuer.

Navigational Buoys aid pilotage by marking a maritime channel, hazard and administrative area to allow boats and ships to navigate safely. Some navigational buoys are fitted with a bell or gong, which sounds when waves move the buoy.

According to me, a buoy is a tender, loving Cable Guy who is there for me to cling to when the waters become rough, violent and non-navigational.thumb_COLOURBOX2224724

He saved me.  He stayed anchored and steadfast the night my mother died, holding me up… physically holding me up for almost 8 hours as she gasped and rattled out her dying breaths.  He carried me to bed, carried me to the funeral, carried me to the burial.  He kept my head above the waves as they crashed and threatened to overwhelm and drown me.  He loved me at my ugliest.  He kissed me at my dirtiest.

He never let me slip under.  He refused to allow me to succumb to the water.  He might float away for just a moment, but is always just…there,   holding the line taut.  Watching me for signs of distress.  Ready to rescue at the very moment I cry out.

It’s always a fear, for the rescuer, that the person they are holding up, the person they are rescuing, might pull them under with their dead weight, thrashing about or panic.  No matter how hard I pull and cling, no matter how panicked and desperate I become, he is always there, steadfast and buoyant.  Holding me up, keeping me breathing, rescuing me his one job for now.

My grief, my depression, my special needs children, my anger, my pain,  my past… all bricks around my neck.  They all work to pull me back under the salt and sea.  They are a constant pull, all dragging and pummeling  me and yet my face is never completely submerged because I have my life buoy, my floatation device, my buoyant and loving Cable Guy.   My rescuer.


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