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I doubt you will find me twirling around in a lovely blue frock belting out my list with total, soprano, abandon.  However, I do have a few things I am willing to give a gentlemanly nod to… in the spirit of the season, of course.

I am comprising this list with one thing in mind; these things tend to make me smile on even the darkest of days.

I may even post a picture or two so you can smile with me.

A Few of Chirp and Flutters favorite Things

1.  Rain


Not just rain, but fog, drizzle, sleet, sprinkles, storms, snow,

downpours…precipitation in general makes me smile.  The gloomier it is outside, the happier I am.



I can’t look at my little guy, Samson…. or any other Pug for that matter, without wanting to squish his little fat body and face and kiss him all over! He is the epitome of love, beauty, hillariousness, and sweetness all rolled up into a chubby little package.  (plus he is the PERFECT cuddle buddy!)

3.  Coffee and Coffee Mugs


Self explanatory 🙂

Hence the Tumblr blog…  http://booksrainandbirds.tumblr.com

4.  Washington, the state….


I have said it before, and I will say it again and again… I WILL live here!! I love the mountains, the ocean, the trees, the city, the music, the coffee, the flowers, the rain, the birds…. and I have never even been there.  I Will go.  I think my family is afraid for me to travel there, for fear I will never return to Texas… they have a legitimate reason to fear this 😉

5.  This guy

1003940_10151603636757286_1837259262_nHe Owns my Heart

6.  And this guy…

011Ignore the ugly girl beside him 😉

7.  Books


So it’s a good thing for me to be working in a library

8. Trees


Trees of all shapes, sizes, types and colors.  Fruit trees, nut trees, flowering trees, plain trees, skinny trees, old trees, new trees, ugly gnarled trees, shiny silver barked trees, pine trees, palm trees, trees with hammocks in them, tree houses, trees all alone on a hill, trees so thick you can’t move through them, trees that are dead, trees that are covered in moss, petrified trees of old, trees with bark so thick it’s an armor.  I love trees!

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