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As Though I Had Wings



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September is Suicide Prevention/Awareness Month.
I will try not to go into length on here as to all my losses and “near-misses” that make this month so precious to me. I will say, that without the earth shattering experience of losing a friend in high school and the ripple effect it had 17 years later in opening my eyes… I dare say, I would have still been stuck in my own selfish bubble and never seen the signs, I could never have saved my own daughters life if I had not known the reality and pain of mental illness and the overwhelming effects of “keeping silent”. Depression, insomnia, Bi-Polar, Stress, lonliness, fear, rejection… they are all reasons a person might take their own life… TALK to your kids!! Reassure them that NOTHING is so bad they can not come to you and feel safe! My motto has always been to “sleep on it” It always looks better in the daylight. Just be aware! Its that AWARENESS that saves lives. And never, NEVER think it “can’t happen to you”.. one of my friends thought that, and then it did.   Hug each other!Image

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to the ones who do the leaving

This is an ode to the ones who do the leaving.
The ones who dare to break ties and hearts
because they know they are not princes in disguise,
are not one true loves,
are not cursed.
Those who cannot be anything but what they are
no matter how they try.
The ones who know that they are swans
even if they pretend to be princes for a time
out of politeness,
out of fear,
or to meet expectations.
Because it felt easier,
or safer,
to be something they are not.
The ones who told themselves lies
and sometimes even believed them.
The ones who have come to learn that staying is the cowardly act
and that running away can be brave.
The ones who find their voices,
find their feathers,
find their wings
and leave the familiar in favor of the unknown.
The ones who realize
they can be something true
somewhere else.
And to seek it
they must leave
the place where they were.

 Text by Erin Morgenstern

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